SiteNow Articles

Updates from April

SiteNow service updates from April 2021.

Updates from March

SiteNow service updates from March 2021.

Updates from February

SiteNow service updates from February 2021.

Updates from January

SiteNow service updates from January 2021.

Updates from December

To end the year we continued to focus on Admissions and Graduate College work while continuing to support and enhance SiteNow.

Changes to the look and feel of the person page

A release going out on January 4th will update the way that person pages look on all standard V2 and V3 SiteNow sites.

Updates from November

November brought a bunch of small enhancements and fixes as our priorities shifted towards the Admissions website redesign, the Presidential Search site and the Graduate College website work.

Updates - October 15-29th

New features and several bug fixes have recently been deployed to SiteNow websites during our last two development sprints.

Anchors aweigh for SiteNow v2

SiteNow v2 websites are receiving an update to the Unique ID anchor functionality available within content blocks.

SiteNow v2 websites will be getting a new look and feel