University of Iowa Events

The purpose of this block is to create a listing of upcoming events from To use a single static event, use the Event Block.

When you add an events content block, Configure Block is displayed allowing you to filter events to match your page or site criteria. These filters are generated from existing filters available at


The headline should describe what the Events block will entail. Think of it as a ‘title’.  This is not a required field.

NOTE: You have the ability to hide the headline field if you still wish to add a descriptive title yet not have it display on the page. Think of it more as an ‘Administrative Label’ if you wish to implement it this way

Headline Size

You have the ability to select the font size of the Events block headline. Heading 2 is set by default, but may need to be adjusted depending on where you nest the Events block within the page. 

Headline Style

Default, bold serif, Bold serif, highlighted (which will add an underline to the headline)


NOTE: Use filters sparingly as events must match existing filters to be displayed.

Events from can be categorized and tagged differently to provide different displays of relevant events. These include department (single value), audiences, types, interests, keywords, location (single value).

Display past events

Check to show events from yesterday and older.

Number of results

Select how many events to display. Between 1 and 50 events.

Display more link

Check to include a more link. This default to but a custom URL path can be provided.

More link

The URL of where the more link should go. Start typing the title of a piece of content to select it. You can also enter an internal path such as /node/add or an external URL such as

Display Options

Background: White (default), Gray, Gold, Black and - None - (card is transparent and the section background is the card background)

Image position: Stacked (default - image displays above card content), Left or Right 

NOTE: If the Image position is ‘Left’ or ‘Right’, you have the ability to change the Image size

Image format: Widescreen (16:9), circle or square

NOTE: With the ‘circle’ and ‘square’ image format, you have the ability to change the Image size

Content Alignment: Left (default) or Center

Display list as: List (default), Grid

NOTE: With the grid display option you have the ability to choose between 2 column and 3 column.

When "Grid" is selected, when possible based on layout column size and viewport size (e.g. mobile/desktop), it will attempt to display as either a 2 column or 3 column grid. For best results, use a one-column section layout.

Styles: Card: Border, Hide Images, Hide Details, Hide Descriptions

You can optionally hide images, details, and descriptions that are displayed if the content exists.

Block Restrictions

The events block is available in the following section layouts:

  • One column
  • Two column
  • Three column
  • Four column
  • Page w/ left sidebar


Multiple values within a filter work as an OR. Each filter group works as an AND.

For example, consider selecting ‘College of Dentistry’ in the unit dropdown with ‘Alumni/Friends’ and ‘Faculty/Staff’ selected in the event audience dropdown. That will display events for the unit that are tagged with ‘Alumni/Friends’ or ‘Faculty/Staff’ ('College of Dentistry' AND 'Alumni/Friends' OR 'College of Dentistry' AND 'Faculty/Staff').

Event feed data requests are cached for a certain amount of time, so new events may not display for up to a couple hours.

Events must be approved/published in the system before they get pulled into the display.