As a webmaster on your toolbar, there is an Appearance link that will take you to theme settings. You can also access theme settings by going directly to /admin/appearance.

Here you will see the the UIDS Base theme that is enabled for your site.

UIDS Base Settings

Configure the overall type of header and the style of navigation to be used.

Site name display

  • Display inline with the IOWA bar - Short site names will display on the same line as the block Iowa word mark. Top links and parent organization will not be displayed.
  • Display below the IOWA bar - Longer site names and websites looking to utilize top links and/or the parent organization heading should use this option as it will display the site name below the block Iowa word mark which allows more space horizontally on desktop displays.

This option will be disabled if a parent organization set on the basic site settings page. When you have a parent organization, your site name will always display on the line below. You will need to remove the parent organization information to select another option.

Header navigation style

  • Toggle navigation - Menu items will be hidden by default on desktop and exposed by clicking a menu button. Menu links will display vertically down the display.
  • Horizontal navigation - Menu links will display horizontally across the display on desktop and show individual drop downs for sub-pages.
  • Mega menu navigation - Menu links will display horizontally across the display on desktop and show a full-width drop down for sub-pages.

Back to top button

The back to top button is a shortcut that allows users to quickly navigate to the top of the page. The button will be disabled by default and can be enabled by webmasters in the UIDS Base theme settings. If enabled, the button will display in the bottom right corner, where it will appear once a user starts scrolling down the webpage. Keep in mind that if enabled, the button will appear on all of the site's webpages.