The Image Gallery Layout Builder block can be used to display multiple related images. When a user clicks on an image, it will open up the full image view with navigation arrows to view the other images in the gallery


The headline should describe what the Image Gallery will entail. Think of it as a ‘title’.  This is not a required field.

NOTE: You have the ability to hide the headline field if you still wish to add a descriptive title yet not have it display on the page. Think of it more as an ‘Administrative Label’ if you wish to implement it this way

Headline Size

You have the ability to select the font size of the Image Gallery headline. Heading 2 is set by default, but may need to be adjusted depending on where you nest the Image Gallery block within the page. 

Headline Style

Default, bold serif, Bold serif, highlighted (which will add an underline to the headline)


This is a multiple image upload field where you will be asked to fill in a required accessible alternative text value and an optional global caption for each image. You can drag and drop the order of the images after insert. The display order of the images depends on the default (left to right, wrap) or masonry (top-down, wrap) style selection.

NOTE: Be sure to provide descriptive global captions since they will be displayed over the bottom of the image gallery images

Image Specifications: For details, see the Image Specifications documentation.

Display Options

If selected, you have the option to display the images using a masonry style. By default, the image gallery will display as a grid of square thumbnail images. Selecting masonry will maintain the image's original aspect ratio and display the images in a top-down then right masonry-like pattern. 

Block Restrictions

The Image Gallery block is available in the following section layouts:

  • One column
  • Two column
  • Three column
  • Four column
  • Page w/ left sidebar