Go to SiteNow Find Text via the link in the admin toolbar (/admin/find-text).

Here you may search your site's text content for a specific string of text. The results table of the search includes the entities on which the text appears (e.g. node or menu), the specific field or fields in which the text is used, and the full content which contains the searched text. The matching text will be highlighted within the full text.

The field listed in the results is can give some direction as to where to find the content when editing a page. A field of Text Area refers to the general content in a Text Area layout builder block, for instance, while Card Link Title refers specifically to the Link Title field of a Card layout builder block. 

Text Search Wildcards

Two text wildcard options are available as part of the text search.

Underscores (_) can be used as single-match wildcards. Including these within a text search will match any one character for each underscore used.

Percent signs (%) can be used as multi-match wildcards. Including these within a text search will match zero, one, or multiple characters wherever it is used.

Operator Use
% Wildcard that matches any zero, one, or many characters.
"f%r" will match "fr", "for", "four", and "flounder".
_ Wildcard that matches exactly one character.
"f_r" will match "for", but not "fr", "four", or "flounder".

% and _ are always treated as wildcards, and cannot be searched for directly at this time. A search for "100%" will return matches for "100", "100%", and "100.0", for instance.

Render Markup

When using the render markup option, text matches in the results will be rendered when displayed. Content within tables, lists, or headings will be displayed as such for easier readability, though this may hide some text matches.

Searching for "table", for instance, will match any HTML tables within text content, though the matching tags will be hidden by the rendering process.


If the regexp option is checked, the search text will be treated as a regular expression rather than a specific text search.

More information on regular expressions may be found at https://www.regular-expressions.info.

Text Search Limitations

While most site content will be searched, not all content is covered.

  • Taxonomy content
  • URL aliases and redirects
  • Footer contact info

Searches are not case-sensitive. For instance, there is no distinction between the text searches of "about us" and "About Us."