Go to Redirect via Configuration > URL redirects (/admin/config/search/redirect)

On this page you can configure webpage redirects from with your website.

If a page changes the path through title change, menu placement, etc. a redirect will automatically be created.

Add Redirect

Click to redirect webpage to a different webaddress.

  • Path: Input the webaddress path you wish to change.
  • To: Input the webaddress path you wish to redirect old path to.
  • Redirect status: Select a status to display when redirect is clicked.

You can find more information about HTTP redirect status codes at (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_HTTP_status_codes#3xx_Redirection).

Redirect List Configuration Options

Input FromToStatus code, and the Original language to search through the redirect list.

Redirect List

View, edit, and select redirects.

With selection, click Apply to selected items to delete the selected redirects.