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All menus can be managed by going to the menus overview page (admin/structure/menu).

Within a specific menu you can perform actions on individual menu link items. The 'Add Link' button up at the top is the preferred way to create external links that need to be part of the menu.

It is recommended to create menu links for content within your site by configuring the menu settings within that content’s edit form. This is located in the Advanced section.

Once menu items are created, many users find it easier to reorder menu items within the menu overview page instead of during the content creation process. With the right permissions, for each existing menu item you can:

  • EDIT - Change the menu link name or the path.
  • DELETE - This will delete the menu link. Not the content.
  • ENABLE/DISABLE - This will show/hide the menu link in the given menu.
  • REORDER - You can change the order of menu items within the given menu.

Social Media Menu

Within this menu is an icon picker. Clicking on the FontAwesome Icon bar will open a large selection of icons to pick from.