The 'Button' block is typically used to display a link with a high amount of visibility. Its purpose is to provide a branded eye catching link to another place on the web. It displays link text over a background color. The link text should be descriptive and signify where the user will be directed upon clicking the link.


In the 'URL' field, enter a link to a website or internal URL.

Link text

In the 'Link text' field, enter what the button should display on the page.

Display Options

The 'Display Options' field offers customizability to the banner block.


In the 'Alignment' sub-field, you may choose to center your button in its container.

Button style

In the 'Button style' sub-field, there are many options to customize the style of the button block.

  • Gold (default): This provides the button with a UIowa gold background.
  • Black: This provides the button with a black background.
  • White: This provides the button with a white background. This is useful for having your button stand out when on top of other sections with non-white backgrounds.
  • Outline: This provides the button with a transparent background with a black outline. This is useful for having your button take the background color of whatever section it is on. 

Button width

In the 'Button width' sub-field, you may choose to turn on full width for your button. This stretched the button to fill the full width of any container that it is in.

Button size

In the 'Button size' sub-field, you may choose the size of your button.

  • Medium (default): This provides a Medium sized button, and is the default button size.
  • Large: This provides a Large sized button, and should be used sparingly to catch user's attention.
  • Small: This provides a Small sized button.

Button size

In the 'Button font' sub-field, you may choose to make the font of your button "Thin". This will lower the overall presence of your button if you are looking to emphasize other things on your page.

Block Restrictions

The Button Block is available in the following section layouts:

  • One column
  • Two column
  • Three column
  • Four column
  • Page w/ left sidebar