Featured Content includes content types: ArticlePage, and Person.

To feature an arbitrary collection of content on a page, you can use the Featured Content block.


The headline should describe what the Collection block will entail. Think of it as a ‘title’.  This is not a required field.

NOTE: You have the ability to hide the headline field if you still wish to add a descriptive title yet not have it display on the page. Think of it more as an ‘Administrative Label’ if you wish to implement it this way.

Headline Size

You have the ability to select the font size of the Collection block headline. Heading 2 is set by default, but may need to be adjusted depending on where you nest the Collection block within the page. 

Headline Style

Default, bold serif, Bold serif, highlighted (which will add an underline to the headline).

Content items

In this section you can start typing the name of a piece of content that already exists on the site in the first text field and a list of suggestions will appear. Select the item you are adding from the list.

To add an additional item, click the "Add another item" button and a new field will appear.

To remove an item, select the contents of the field you wish to remove and delete it.

You can drag and drop the order in which you want the featured content to display.