If you navigate to Configuration -> SiteNow -> People (admin/config/sitenow/sitenow-people) you can change the settings of the page that displays the published person entities

Enable People Listing

If checked, a people listing will display all of the published entities at the configurable path.

People Title

First off, give your page a title. This is a required field. Other required fields are marked with a red asterisk. By default, the title is 'People'.

This will display above the published person entities.

People Path

The 'People path' is where the existing published entities will be displayed. The default path is YourSiteURL/people. 

Header Content

The 'Header Content' text will display above the published entities on the people page.


You can add filters for visitors to use. These can be toggled on and off individually.

  • Search - Filters by first name and last name.
  • Person Type
  • Research Area


You can choose how you wish to sort the individual entities. Sort by:

  • Last name, first name
  • First name, last name
  • Manual sort where you can navigate to your page and manually drag individual (person) entities to the order you wish to display them