Search Engine Optimization

“Out of the box,” your site is pretty well optimized for Search Engines to crawl and index your site. You can edit some SEO settings under the Advanced tab when editing content.

By default on the basic page content type, the “Content Description” field is used for the meta description value.


Each site automatically generates a sitemap which can be found at /sitemap.xml

When creating a site it is recommended, though not required to submit your sitemap to Google via their search console service. This let’s Google know about your site and in turn Google provides tools to optimize your site when it comes to SEO. Read Google’s specific instructions.

NOTE: In order to verify ownership of the website, you must verify using the URL-prefix property option and then through the Google Analytics method. Read about how to configure Google Analytics for your site.


To kick-start the Google crawling/indexing process you can setup at Google Webmasters and submit your sitemap and/or submit your URL

Bing has a similar service to Google’s for webmasters. You can sign-up for Bing’s Webmasters service here.