First name and last name are combined together but are captured separately to allow easier sorting/filtering.

Person Photo, Credentials, Title/Position, Email, Phone Number, Websites, Biography and Education Information are all straight forward.

Person Types

For default sites, person types allows you to classify a person by one or more types. This information will display on the full person display. Depending on the type(s) selected, additional fields may display.

Research Areas

This allows multiple single line values that shared/reusable on other individual person profiles.

Image specifications for the person photo can be found here.

Contact Information

This combination of fields allows multiple points of contact for an individual with the ability to provide a custom label for each (e.g. separate contact information for home, work, lab, etc.).


Type a short biography or summary of your content here. It will be used if there are any displays around the site that reference this content. By default, this is also used by search engines when they crawl and index your site. We recommend descriptions between 50–160 characters, although the “optimal” length will vary depending on the situation. You can also leave blank to use a trimmed value of the Body full text as the summary.

Short Biography

This teaser field has been deprecated, and replaced by the Summary field.

Relationships (Tags)

You can create relationships to taxonomy terms. Commonly used to organize and classify content behind the scenes.

You can reference existing tags ( using autocomplete) or create new tags by typing comma-separated terms.

Additionally, to view existing tags, go to /admin/structure/taxonomy/manage/tags/overview.

Promotion Options

You can select Hide on lists if you don’t wish to display the particular person people displays throughout the website. This is helpful if an article author is added to the website that should not otherwise be displayed on the website.

Sticky at top of lists can be used to place an individual above other people on name ordered lists.