Note: Webmaster role required.

Go to Basic Site Settings via Configuration > Basic Site Settings (/admin/config/system/site-information)

On this page you can change many of the global site settings available to you.

Site Details

You can change your site name, give it a slogan or update the site email address.

There are additional fields related to a parent organization, but those fields currently have no effect.

Front Page

You can make any existing page the front/homepage of your site.

Enter the page’s URL path alias (e.g. /home) or the permanent node ID path (e.g. /node/1)

Note: You cannot delete a page that is designated as the front page.

Error Pages

There are default "access denied” and “page not found” pages, but if you want to customize the message, create the page(s) first and assign them here.

You can configure the global footer for the site.

Note: Only webmasters can manage footer menus, if content is assigned to the footer, editors are blocked from making menu changes to the node.


All sites come with the UIowa Standard variant. Depending on the site there may be other options to choose from. Contact your developer if you would like to create a custom variant that differs from the current option(s).


This provides a login link to the site. Uncheck it if you don’t want to display it.


If you have an approved lockup, you can upload it here to display in the footer. See the University of Iowa Brand Manual for more information.


The footer region also provides three separate menus for social media links and for other custom footer links.

You can add/manage links for those heading to the menu overview page on your site via Structure > Menus (/admin/structure/menu).

There is a title/content area where you can provide global site information like contact information.

For the content area, read about our WYSIWYG text editor.