Sometimes you want to capture details from your visitors without sending them away from the page. With the Webform content block, you can display an existing form in the page alongside other content.

Advanced Tip: When configuring the existing form, consider configuring the Confirmation settings to prevent your visitor from being taken away from the page after submitting the form.


In addition to the other content blocks, you can configure the following. Please note that while available, this features are minimally supported.

Status - You can set the form to be Open, Closed, or Scheduled.

Note: Cron is run on 60-minute intervals, so your form might not display to users as open depending on the time you set until the next cron run.

Default submission data (YAML) - This can be used to pre-populate the selected webform with data. This can be helpful for contextual based submissions such as "report this page" where the page title is included in the submission.