Note: Webmaster role required.

Google Analytics is a free website traffic and marketing effectiveness service.

All sites with the University of Iowa branding bar are automatically tracked by the University’s Google Analytics account along with other trackers. To see the data collected by these trackers related to your site, you must go through a formal request process.

Alternately, you can setup your own Google Analytics tracking for your site by signing up for a free account. Google Analytics service. You can find additional information about the service on their site.

After you create an account, Google will ask for some information about the site you want to track. Filling out this information will register your site with Google’s service and provide a code to track your site. Follow the instructions on their site to complete your registration.

Once you have registered your site with Google, you will be able to see the tracking code for your site. To use this code with your website, you must add the code to the configuration page within your site:

  • Log in to your website
  • At the top of the page, in the toolbar, click ‘Configuration’
  • On the configuration page, click Google Analytics, under the Web Services heading on the right.
  • This will bring you to a prompt to enter your ‘Web Property ID’. This is the tracking code provided by Google.
  • Once you enter the code click ‘Save Configuration’ and the Google Analytics tracking code will be added to all pages accessible by visitors.
Note: After setup, it can take a while to see tracking data show up within your Google Analytics account.
Note: Removal of tracking IDs currently requires developer assistance. To do this, contact the ITS Help Desk. Include the site URL and mention you would like to remove Google Analytics from your website to expedite the process.