University of Iowa

Request a Site

We are currently working on a replacement for the current SiteNow Service and in doing so, existing SiteNow sites will have to be migrated. If you request a SiteNow site at this time, keep in mind that it will eventually have to be migrated. There is currently not an automatic migration process in place, so there is a possiblity it will be the site owner's responsibility to manually move content to the new platform.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please emailĀ

Site administrators

Site administrators are granted the webmaster role and serve as points of contact for ITS. The site administrators can be changed at any time.

This text will be displayed at the top of every page. The site title can be changed at any time.
This will be the default "from" address of emails sent from the website, for example if a webform is configured to send alerts when a submission is received, and the site email can be changed at any time.
Who should we contact if we have questions about this site request?