Featured Content includes content types: Basic PagePerson and Article

To feature an arbitrary collection of content on a page, you can use the Featured Content block. Start by clicking "Select content" from within the Featured Content block.

A modal window will display allowing you to filter and select available content. After selecting one or more pieces of content, make sure you click the "Select content" button by scrolling down to the bottom of the modal window.

Back on the content block, you can drag and drop the order in which you want the featured content to display.


In "Featured Content Settings," in addition to the other content blocks, you can configure the following:


  • Grid - This will display content similar to the card content block type and horizontally across three columns.
  • Masonry - This will display the content like the grid above but will have the “Pinterest” look, eliminating white-space between cards. It will also expand to four columns for large displays.
  • Hide Images, Descriptions - You can optionally hide images and descriptions that are displayed if the content exists.