University of Iowa

If your lab, department, or organization is looking for a swift and dynamic web solution, SiteNow can provide you with many options to fit your needs and is completely free.

Intuitively and effectively edit the content of your website from your browser, no additional software required.

Choose from a variety of mobile-friendly and modern designs, all meeting UI branding standards.

Directly control who can edit your site with our straightforward user management and permissions options.

Build forms using a simple drag and drop interface with the option to have submitted information emailed to you.

Effortlessly promote events on your website that have been entered into the University of Iowa events calendar.

SiteNow protects the integrity of your data with a secure login system and frequent database backups.

Explore SiteNow sites

SiteNow provides flexibility in authoring websites for various audiences.

Conferences and events

SiteNow is a useful tool for promoting conferences and events.

Tech Forum, an annual conference for IT professionals, uses SiteNow to share information about their current conference and an archive of past events.

Visit the Tech Forum site

Departments, councils, and initiatives

SiteNow provides convenient means to present information about your department, council, or initiative.

The Council on Disability Awareness, a group centered on the inclusion of people with disabilities, uses SiteNow to promote events, meetings, and community resources.

Visit the Council on Disability Awareness site

Research groups, labs, and projects

Popular among researchers, SiteNow makes it easy to highlight areas of interest, findings, and achievements.

The Nguyen Research Group, led by Dr. Hien Nguyen of the Department of Chemistry, is a prime example of how SiteNow can be used to showcase publications and group members.

Visit the Nguyen Research Group site

Groups and organizations

Many organizations use SiteNow to distribute information to their members and the community.

UI Photography, a student organization, uses unique features including Facebook embeds to efficiently promote their organization between multiple social media platforms.

Visit the UI Photography site