Go to Basic Article Settings via Configuration > SiteNow > Articles (/admin/config/sitenow/uiowa-articles)

On this page you can customize the display of articles on the site.

Article Settings

Display featured image: This setting allows you to set different heights for featured images on articles across the site for consistency that have not opted-out of the site-wide default setting. See Article Content Type's Featured Image documentation for more information.

View Page Settings

Enable Articles Listing: If checked, an articles listing will display at the configurable path below.

Articles Title: The titles for the articles listing. Defaults to News.

Articles Path: The base path for the articles listing. Defaults to news.

Warning: The RSS feed path is controlled by this setting. {articles path}/feed

Header Content: Here you can enter any content that is displayed above the articles listing. Click Save configuration to save.

Display Monthly Archive: If checked, a monthly archive listing will display.

Show RSS Feed icon: If checked, a linked RSS icon will be displayed.