Note: This documentation is still in progress.

If you are here, your site is going through the process of converting all your pages from the V2 (Paragraphs) to the V3 (Layout Builder) versions. This documentation will help you through the process.

The Process

Converting Pages

  • Visit the SiteNow Converter link in the administrative menu.
  • Click the checkbox next to one or more pages you would like to convert.
  • Click the Magic Button to kick off the conversion process.
  • Click the "Converted" tab to see the pages that have been converted.
  • Click the link for a page to view the converted version.
  • If you need to make changes, you can visit the "Layout" tab to make adjustments to the converted page.
  • Whenever you are happy with the result, publish the page to make the new V3 version live.

Reverting Pages

If, for any reason, you want to go back to the version of the page prior to its being converted to the V3 format, you can revert the page. Any revisions since that point will be undone.

  • Visit the SiteNow Converter link and click the "Converted" tab.
  • Find the page, check the box and click the "Submit" button to trigger the reverting process.

Understanding the issues from the "V3 Status" tab

A lot of your page content will seamlessly transition from its old version into its new version without any issues. However, there are differences between V2 and V3 pages, sections, and components that make a complete transition without issue impossible. Below is a list of issues and what to expect if you encounter them.

The page displays a menu and the content may look different after conversion

In V2, a menu block will display if there are children of the current page in the menu and you have not selected the "Remove sidebar regions" option under "Page Options." If a menu displayed, all the rest of the page content would display in a content panel that was 75% of the total width of the page. In a converted V3 page, this may cause the layout of the page to be different because the layout options for each section have changed.