This guide provides general documentation for the SiteNow V2 and V3 platform. For documentation and support articles related to SiteNow V1, visit the ITS SiteNow site.

Getting Started

Logging In

You must already have an account on the site you are trying to log in to. Accounts must be created by the site owners. If you cannot get in touch with a site owner, please contact the ITS Help Desk.

HawkID Login

Click the Admin Login link in the footer of the site. This will redirect you to the Single-Sign-On (SSO) page for HawkID authentication. Enter your credentials and you will be redirected back to your site.


Once logged in, you will be assigned a role. The default roles are viewer, editor, publisher and webmaster. Viewers can see unpublished content. Editors are mostly responsible for content management. Publishers and Webmasters have elevated permissions to handle more administrative tasks, like managing users.

To learn more about user roles, read our Content Moderation documentation


The administrative toolbar gives you quick access to the most important administrative pages. You will see different toolbar items based on your role.

At the top left in the toolbar, you'll see the words "Manage (prod)" - this indicates what environment you are in. Some SiteNow customers may access their site in another environment like dev or stage.

Also on the toolbar, depending on what page you are on, you will see a question mark icon on the far right. This indicates a click-through tour is available to assist you with managing your website.