With the People content block, you can add existing people content items to a page. The content block provides several options to filter and display people.

If you have people that have previously been tagged, you can configure the People content block to filter by those tags.

Additionally, you can:

  • Choose how many people you wish to display or if you check the pager option, how many people you want to display per page.
  • Select the ‘Display More Link’ if you want the user to view all of the listed people.
  • Provide a path if you wish to provide an alternative URL to where the ‘More’ link shall take the user.


In "People Listing Settings," in addition to the other content blocks, you can configure the following:


  • Grid - This will display people similar to the card content block type and horizontally across three columns.
  • Masonry - This will display the people like the grid above but will have the “Pinterest” look, eliminating white-space between cards. It will also expand to four columns for large displays.
  • Hide Images, Biographies - You can optionally hide images and people summaries that are displayed if the content exists.