Use Articles for time-sensitive content like news, press releases or blog posts.


You can name your article with a Title, write and style it within the Body with the WYSIWYG Text Editor, and add Article Authors to show who worked on it.


You can view the date and time of the last saved revision.

Additionally, type a revision log message indicating what changes you have made to the page.

When the page is saved, the revision log will be saved including the typed message, date and time of revision, and author for future reference.


Type a short summary of you content here. It will be used if there are any displays around the site that reference this content. By default, this is also used by search engines when they crawl and index your site.

When the page is saved the content description will be saved for future reference.


A featured image for the Article can be added. Select Browse media or Add media to add a picture from your computer or already existing media from the Media library.

Additionally, add a caption to give the user more information on the picture.


You can create relationships to taxonomy terms (References) and other content that already exist on the site.


For References, comma-separate your references to link separate content to existing terms within this site.

Additionally, to view existing terms and to create new terms click the Click here to create new terms link to go to the /admin/structure/taxonomy page.


Check the box to automatically generate a URL alias. Otherwise, specify an alternative path by which this data can be accessed. For example, type “/about” when writing an about page.


Write the username of the content author.

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