Note: This page will be updated as more information becomes available. Last updated 1/5/2024.

The SiteNow V1 standard platform will be shut down on August 1, 2024. To avoid loss of service, all standard V1 websites must be migrated to the SiteNow V3 platform before the shutdown date. 

If you want to keep your site and you have not yet requested a V3 website...

Request a site

All users who wish to keep their website and have not yet requested a V3 replacement website have until February 14 to submit a request to If we have not received a request by that date we will assume the website can be deactivated. 

How can I tell if my website is affected?

All v1 standard sites will show an alert message at the top of the page. The message will indicate whether you need to request a site or not. Some examples are shown below.

An example of the alert message shown on v1 standard sites that need to request a v3 site.
The alert message shown on sites that need to request a v3 site.


An example of the alert message shown on v1 standard websites.
The alert message shown to all other v1 standard sites.

What are my next steps?

For tips on deciding if your website is still necessary and how to start migrating content after you've received your V3 website, visit

We encourage site owners who have already requested a v3 website to continue their migration efforts and notify us at when the website is ready to launch. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Content will need to be manually transitioned by site editors, as we are not able to migrate v1 content automatically.  Please visit for suggestions on next steps towards migrating your content to your new v3 website.

The SiteNow v1 platform is built on Drupal 7, which was released on 01/05/2011. Drupal 7 will reach its end of life (EOL) on 01/05/2025 after 14 years of support. After the EOL, Drupal will no longer receive security updates from the Drupal Security Team. Drupal 7 cannot be directly upgraded to Drupal 8 or a more modern version of Drupal (the current version is Drupal 10) because Drupal 8 introduced a number of breaking changes and never provided a direct upgrade path for previous versions. Therefore, the only option we have is to transition every Drupal 7 site that we manage to the SiteNow v3 platform, which runs on Drupal 10.