Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Fresh off our Agile training at the end of April, our team participated in a "Team Launch Sequence" (TLS) in May that consisted of 1-day sprints and involved work experiments and team building. To participate in Global Accessibility Awareness Day, we focused on work to make our SiteNow websites more accessible.

Features and fixes

  • Added Google CSE promotion support.
  • We have changed how WYSIWYG buttons work to support both v2 and v3. You can create links as usual but button styles can now be applied through the WYSIWYG Styles dropdown while the link is selected.
  • People blocks in v3 can now use card styles and have a few other new options. See all the details at the updated documentation page.
  • A Featured Content block is now available for v3 site that allows curating small arbitrary lists of content without having to use tags. Learn more on the new documentation page.
  • Fixed responsive images in the WYSIWYG.
  • Added more allowed table attributes in the WYSIWYG.
  • Made accessibility improvements for alerts, menus, links, and icons.
  • Added UI Indigenous Land Acknowledgement link to footer.
  • Fixed styling issues related to SiteNow People, article teaser, tables and taxonomy term displays.
  • Updated bulk operations for moderating content.
  • Fixed regression that prevented the removal of collection items.

Notable Launches