The Page Content List allows you to create dynamic, curated lists of page content. You have the option to set filters to limit which pages get displayed based on the available filter options. 

Block Settings

Visit the content lists documentation page to see all block settings available for this type of block.

Exposed filters


When you create a person record, you have the option to set Tags under the 'Relationships' section in the righthand sidebar. Using this text field, you can reference the tags you set for a person.

NOTE: Separate the tags with a comma

Additionally, to view existing tags, go to /admin/structure/taxonomy/manage/tags/overview

Sort options

You can drag each of the following options to sort them: Sticky, Last Name, First Name. Additionally, for each item, you can choose to sort in ascending (e.g. A to Z) or descending order (e.g. Z to A). The default settings will probably work most of the time, so you probably won't need to adjust this setting.

Display More Link

Check to include a 'View More' link. To use the default people path set within SiteNow People, make sure the ‘Enable people listing’ box is checked. Alternatively, a custom URL path can be provided in the ‘Path’ text box below.