Friday, January 8, 2021

We hope everyone enjoyed their winter break. To end the year, we continued to focus on Admissions and Graduate College work while continuing to support and enhance SiteNow. Going forward, the biweekly SiteNow Training has switched to Mondays from 10-11 AM. You can sign up for the next one here. Additionally, we will start hosting a monthly UI Web Community meeting starting Tuesday, January 12th at 11 AM. More details will be shared on the UIWeb listserv and in the UIWeb Slack.

Here are our SiteNow updates from December and the first part of January.

New Features

  • Site name length validation and fallback.
  • Two-factor authentication.
  • Aggregator (RSS Feed) style options.
  • Banner block option to use uploaded video as background.
  • Minimal text formatting allowed in "Call to Action" blocks.
  • Statistic block option to remove hover effect for showing additional context.
  • Updates to person page design/layout updates.
  • Featured image display options.
  • Added optional APR Integration. Requires coordination with the APR team before it can be added.

    Notable Fixes

    • Removed the "collegiate" split. All v3 sites are now based on the same default configuration.
    • Fixed issue where top links weren't showing in the inline header option.
    • Padding fixes for all uses of "Card" component.
    • Added support for "small" and "br" tag in minimal text format.
    • Removed card heading size adjustments based on image size.
    • Fixed issue related to layout builder header section styles breaking while in preview.
    • Reinstated header section restrictions to prevent unintended behavior.
    • Updated Snowplow tracking script.

    Notable Launches