Wednesday, June 5, 2024

This past month the web team has been focusing on custom development related to new websites for Commencement, Emergency, IWP, and Registrar. We are working on moving them off of SiteNow v1 in favor of SiteNow v3.

New features and improvements:

  • link support was added for embeds.
  • Many dependencies (modules and third-party libraries) were updated.
  • Access was removed for all users to set the path alias of a media item. The path alias does not control the path to the actual file and instead controls the path to the page where you edit the media item. This caused a lot of confusion and being able to control the setting provides little to no practical value so we decided to remove it as an option.
  • Prior node revisions can now be deleted in bulk instead of one at a time.


  • It is now possible to use the replicate functionality on pages on sites that have completed a conversion from v2 to v3 using the SiteNow Converter tool.
  • A badge element display issue on Safari was fixed.
  • "aria-hidden" attribute added to cards (blocks and node teasers) to improve accessibility.
  • Borderless card blocks in sections with the same background color as the block are now stacking properly on mobile.
  • Extra spans from copy/pasted text should no longer be breaking button styles.
  • Multiple block types could be too short for the "configure" button to be clickable. These now have clickable "configure" links.
  • The SiteNow Converter tool (for converting v2 sites into v3 sites) now prevents nodes created after the tool was turned on from showing up in the conversion list. It also displays an appropriate message on the "Conversion Status" tab.
  • Behavior around media entity deletion has been improved. Updated instructions are provided at the documentation site.
  • Links in HTML lists using the "element--circle-list" class are now editable and underlined properly.
  • HTML lists in text area block previews are now displaying the correct margin.
  • Extra processing to provide the breadcrumb and image caption for featured images was being run regardless of whether the image was being displayed on a full display or not. This has been fixed so that it only runs when it is needed.
  • List blocks that were saved without an "items per page" setting would display all items. The issue with the setting not being set has not been fixed yet, but a default value of 10 now takes over when there is not a setting. An upcoming fix will set the value of the "items per page" to 50 if it is not already set. If your list block is not showing the number of items you expect, you may want to check the settings and set it to a particular value.
  • Previously, if more than one menu block was placed on a page (not recommended), its mobile toggle (for expanding and collapsing it) would show under the page header regardless of where the block was placed on the page. This has been fixed.

Notable Site Launches: