Friday, December 8, 2023

This month we made several investments in UIDS, alongside continued development on and Additionally, an alumni directory for and an article migration script for CCOM sites were developed. 

New features and improvements:

  • SiteNow v2 and v3 sites have been upgraded to Drupal 10.1
  • Refined the SiteNow V2 to V3 page conversion tool, incorporating updates to use the most recent v2 revision, even if that revision is a draft.
  • UIDS improvements:
    • now displays the latest version (4.x) of UIDS.
    • UIDS3 now links to UIDS4.
    • Added list of UIDS3 components not yet implemented in UIDS4.
    • Added 4.x version of the CTA component.


  • The option to remove column spacing is now correctly applied to mobile displays.
  • Removed the extra "(default)" label from the button block medium-size option.
  • Fixed unclickable monthly archive sidebar links on /news pages.
  • Fixed menu block styles in off-canvas editor tray.

Notable Site Launches: