Thursday, November 2, 2023

This past month, our focus was on Drupal 10 and upgrading all SiteNow v2 and v3 websites from Drupal 9.5. For security purposes we had to make sure we had updated by November 1st.  Through the process we analyzed our compatibility with the newer version, updated custom code and upgraded related dependencies. On Monday, October 30th, we deployed the final updates to production.

We also celebrated an important milestone with the first website to use our SiteNow Converter tool to transition in-place from SiteNow v2 to v3.

SiteNow v1 websites are built upon Drupal 7 but are still receiving security updates and we are continuing to work on moving all websites off SiteNow v1.

New features and improvements:

  • New icons have been added to the Brand's Icon Browser.
  • Dispatch custom fields, including the phone field are now available in the Sign up form block.
  • New functionality is available to find and link unpublished content using the WYSIWYG link button.
  • A redesigned drag handle for the layout builder settings tray has been implemented.
  • A new minimal padding option style for text area and webform blocks has been added.


  • Fixed Webform's Terms of Service component displaying underneath other page content.
  • Fixed color contrast issues with alerts within the Layout Builder settings tray.
  • Fixed a permission issue related to Webform's email body text editor.
  • Implemented a graceful fallback for bus timetables on UI Signage.

Notable Site Launches: