Tuesday, August 8, 2023

This month saw final investments for classrooms.uiowa.edu prior to their new site launch, support for On Iowa! as the 2023 event prepares to welcome new visitors, as well as development toward preparing for the new facilities.uiowa.edu V3 site. 

Lastly, the SiteNow platform has been updated to use Drupal core 9.5.x, which will serve as the last major core update prior to upgrading to Drupal 10.x.

New features and improvements:

  • Drupal core updated to 9.5.x
  • It is now possible to display authored articles on an author's person page
  • Updates to the Find Text tool
    • 'Enter' key press when the search field is in focus submits the form
    • Validation requiring at least 3 characters for the search string
  • Establishment of a SiteNow Alerts feature, for use on sites creating notice content, such as for road closures or service outages
  • Updates to support Academic Profiles in place of Directory Profiles


  • PHP 8.1 fix for Directory Profiles configuration page
  • Some card titles in V2 were displaying with an inaccessible color
  • File uploads in webforms were temporarily broken
  • Various brand bar bug fixes

Notable Site Launches:

  • english.uiowa.edu
  • wirrc.org
  • our.research.uiowa.edu (formally icru.research.uiowa.edu)
  • classrooms.uiowa.edu
  • now.uiowa.edu