Tuesday, June 6, 2023

New features and improvements:

  • The local Event feature had the "Scheduled", "Cancelled", and "Rescheduled" badges re-colored to be more identifiable at a glance.
  • The "Event category" field was added in to the local Event feature, and is now usable by all who have it enabled on their sites.
  • The "Research Areas" label for the person content type can be customized on each website.
  • Implemented consistent event categories functionality for the local Event feature.
  • Added breadcrumbs based on hierarchy for the Periodical feature.
  • Added attendance mode to the local Event feature.


  • Fixed an issue with the main navigation label.
  • Fixed a couple event view displays where the pager was missing.
  • Adjusted webform checkbox and radio positioning.
  • Fixed card links after AJAX operations.
  • Fixed fonts and colors between WYSIWYG editing, preview and render.
  • Fixed person content teasers from being cached with other configurations.

Notable Site Launches:

  • dsp.research.uiowa.edu
  • iowasummerwritingfestival.uiowa.edu
  • itaccessibility.uiowa.edu
  • researchpark.uiowa.edu
  • igec.uiowa.edu