Thursday, January 5, 2023

New features and improvements:

  • Established a temporary text format "Minimal HTML +" to provide unordered-list tags to certain fields until Minimal HTML fields can allow unordered-list.
  • Articles can reference one or more Persons as a point of contact.
  • Our Intranet feature has been rebuilt and now handles redirection to original URL upon logging in.
  • Our Events feature now displays related events on person profiles.


  • Article captions for feature images are displaying again on the full article display.
  • Provided a workaround to keep Webform prepopulate functionality for `glcid` and `fbclid` working as expected.
  • Fixed a gap in the top links limit validation to only allow two links to be displayed unless the website has an exception.
  • The now has accessible contrast on the search box's clear button.
  • Fixed unwanted hover effect on Google search results for
  • Adjusted person title/position text size on mobile.
  • Fixed homepage navigation border style.

Notable Launches