Thursday, October 6, 2022


This month we updated Drupal to 9.4.x, the second-to-last minor version update before we move to Drupal 10. Also, PHP was updated to 8.1. A number of contributed modules and platform dependencies were also updated to newer versions. These updates were hopefully invisible to our users, as they were only under the hood improvements and weren't accompanied by any new user-facing features.

New features and improvements:

  • Credentials are now automatically added to the author byline in teasers and on the article page.
  • Added help text to list block forms (articles and people).
  • Users can now specify the content language meta tag.
  • Users can now add and display a curated list of related articles (in a grid format) for an article.
  • Region fragments can now be created for an after content region that displays as a sticky container at the bottom of the screen on larger displays. One region fragment can be shown at a time and the selected region fragment shows on all non-administrative pages.


  • Articles, Events, and People blocks more link options are now working correctly again.
  • Resolved some issues with padding in Layout Builder.
  • Images in people list blocks are now clickable and link to the person's profile.
  • Video banner play button no longer displays on top of the sticky site header on

Notable Launches