Friday, August 5, 2022


This month saw investments in site-specific work for campus colleagues including Housing and Dining, Iowa Now, Iowa Initiative for Sustainable Communities, UI Press, and others. Additionally, development has begun on the next iteration of the design system, UIDS4, and its integration into SiteNow platform.

New features and improvements:

  • An editor can now hide the button on the Card block as well as set a global default.
  • Added new Static Map media type which allows map images from
  • The Events block now allows paging and thus the display of more than fifty events.
  • Refactored buttons to use UIDS4.
  • Signage Pentacrest Webcam was updated to use new source.


  • Users can now schedule and assign groups to slides for UI Signage and Healthcare Signage in Chrome 103 Windows 10.
  • Default content going forward for new websites allows modifying existing images.
  • Fixed an issue with smooth scrolling within Layout Builder.

Notable Launches

  • (June)
  • (June)