Friday, June 3, 2022


This month saw a lot of site-specific work, such as content migration for Tippie's upcoming launch, a new Residence Hall content type for Housing, and new content types and taxonomies for Admissions' 2 Plus 2 Plan. Additionally, we focused on some developer-specific time-saving improvements, such as an automated process to delete files and the ability to write content migrations faster and with less custom code. We also added the platform-wide features and fixes listed below.

New features/fixes:

  • Mega menu now has reduced spacing to accommodate multiple rows
  • Adjusted webform styling to increase the size of checkbox and radio inputs and decrease the vertical space between them
  • Added option to enable visual indicator arrows to show article, person, and page teasers are clickable
  • Applied Drupal security updates
  • Fixed an issue with the vertical video captions not displaying on iPhone.
  • Fixed broken profiles sitemap
  • Fixed issue where tags added to an existing page, article, or person would not display 
  • Fixed accessibility issue with title attribute not appearing for Panopto oEmbeds
  • Fixed issue with duplicate HTML title elements appearing on profile pages

Notable Launches