Saturday, April 30, 2022


We released a lot of feature updates to our layout builder pages this past month.  A few notable additions include a new image block, drop-down functionality for the horizontal menu, and a number of updates for the banner block. 

New features and improvements:

  • Banner titles are no longer a required field allowing banners to be created without a title.
  • Banners now have the option to select a "Button style" within the banner block configuration.
  • Banner backgrounds can now be separated from the content for mobile viewports.
  • Heading styling options are now available in filtered text areas, including "Bold Serif" and "Bold Serif, Underline" options under the "Styles" dropdown.
  • A new Image block is now available for the "Page" content type.
  • Horizontal menus within pages now support drop-downs/depth.
  • Webform style updates.
  • Topic Collection add-on is now sorted alphabetically.
  • Directory Profiles add-on now supports JSON-LD schema.
  • Unique IDs can be assigned per block in Layout Builder which is helpful for anchor links.


  • Limiting the maximum size of image uploads to 2592 x 2592px and a file size of 10 MB.
  • Webform fields respect width settings.
  • Fix to avoid Webform style collision with "submit."
  • Fixed recent banner button regression where no button text was displayed.
  • Fixed issue with special characters within redirects.
  • Limit slider to 4 slides going forward.
  • Slide headline for slider using one slide no longer overflowing.

Notable Launches