Thursday, March 31, 2022

Much of this month's effort was put into behind the scenes work like updating dependencies and code cleanup. That is part of our continual effort to keep your site secure, performant and reliable. We still managed to deliver some new features and bug fixes which are listed below.

New features and improvements:

  • Headline component on blocks now has alignment options.
  • Tags and grouped related content can now be added below content on each of the default content types (article, page, person)
  • The Intranet add-on feature now includes the ability to customize messages presented to unauthenticated users.
  • Sections can now be configured to reverse-sort columns on smaller displays.
  • Option to add extra margin to the top or bottom of a text area and collections block.
  • The default content for new sites has been updated. The default front page is now more of a starting point and less of a component showcase.
  • Changes to events on will now update on sites within one hour.
  • Expanded accordion items can be linked to directly.
  • The site request form now requires a "Site Name" field which will be used to automatically set your websites site name during provisioning. 
  • A new pre-title field is now a part of the banner block that appears above the banner title.
  • Directory profile listings and individual profiles now are rendering meta descriptions to improve SEO.


  • Timeline blocks are getting necessary classes for styles.
  • Active menu trail is properly highlighted for parent items.
  • The Topic Collection add-on feature no longer includes the topic itself in results.
  • Old media revisions have been cleaned up which will allow old files to be removed from the server.
  • Old content revisions are being removed again.
  • Custom alerts now require a message.

Notable Launches