Thursday, March 10, 2022

This last month we worked on upgrading Drupal core to 9.3.6 and with it related dependencies and contributed modules that needed updates based on core's changes. Over one thousand files in our code base were modified and required a lot of testing from the team. Additionally, we re-launched using Concept3D's interactive map and tours product. 

New Features/Fixes

New features and improvements:

  • .ical and .ics file types now available in file media types. This enables a user to attach a calendar appointment file to content blocks.
  • Updated Drupal core to 9.3.6. With this update, different instances of the same image can now have context-specific alternate text instead of using the same global alternate text.
  • Adjusted Intranet permissions for better Active Directory integration.
  • Implemented PhotoSwipe for Image Gallery blocks. This fixed issues with images and captions not displaying correctly.
  • Added custom time-based cache tag for future implementation of time-based cache invalidation, such as Events.
  • Set up Rabbit Hole redirects for Areas of Study. This allows site editors and webmasters to control what page users are sent to when they click on an Area of Study. 
  • Developed different access roles and a search feature for private sites.
  • Updated menu level depth for sidebar navigation.


  • Fixed parent item drop-down options being blank when adding a menu link for a page.
  • Fixed lazy load not working with PhotoSwipe.
  • Fixed an image gallery style regression.
  • Media errors on Timeline items are now more visible and informative.
  • Fixed Hours block auto-submitting when tabbing to Submit button.
  • Fixed Hours block auto-scrolling to top of page when the date field is changed.

Notable Launches