Wednesday, February 9, 2022

This past month we focused on transitioning all SiteNow websites to our hosting provider's new email system, ensuring emails being sent from websites still reach their recipients. We also focused on getting ready for the transition of the website which will soon be powered by Concept3D.

New Features/Fixes

New features and improvements:

  • We created "Thank you" program functionality that can be enabled for a website to notify managers of feedback employees receive.
  • An "Intranet" feature that can be turned on when a site is provisioned to restrict website page and file access to viewer role and above only.
  • For the local events feature, there is now a listing block available.
  • Adoption of Acquia's Platform Email system.
  • Added a visual indicator to cards that are linked even if no button text is provided.
  • Buttons can now be positioned at the bottom of a Card.
  • Mega menu now displays third level.
  • Remove background gradient if no featured image is set.
  • Taxonomy terms can now be searched as part of SiteNow Find Text.
  • Redesigned RSS links.
  • We have updated our domain name policy on our policies page.
  • There are additional headline styles to choose from when providing a title for a block.


  • Adjusted the slider block's animation to prevent "rubberbanding."
  • Fixed an error related to a featured content referenced item being deleted without the reference being removed.
  • After our card block refactor, we re-wired our ARIA markup to work with all combinations.
  • Fixed button color contrast fixes
  • Adjusted our breakpoints to be more consistent with other elements.
  • Fixed a regression related to our layout builder revision difference functionality
  • Adjusted accordion and timeline spacing
  • We are now preventing media revisions from being created which will help us down the road with file management.

Notable Launches