Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Our team recently adopted a new local environment ensuring the team can continue to work collaboratively regardless of their machine. With that behind us we were able to deliver several improvements and fixes to SiteNow.

New Features/Fixes

New features and improvements:

  • The mega menu navigation option that is available at the theme appearance page has been updated to allow three levels of menus instead of two.  The design has been updated to showcase the hierarchy of the three levels in a grid.  
  • An icon has been added to the card block to indicate whether the card is linked if there is no link text. 
  • Increased amount of revision difference information related to layout builder.
  • Expanded reach of find text functionality.
  • A thank you form dispatch integration is available to send emails to a single recipient and optionally their supervisor. This is not enabled by default. Contact us for more information.
  • Improved visibility of timeline content on load.
  • Background gradient removed if content title visually hidden (available to screen readers).
  • Improved user experience for slider block.
  • Aggregator feeds will now import articles with post dates within 1 year, increased from 6 months.
  • The RSS feed block now has a pager option to display all values paged by the number of items value.
  • The events teaser from events.uiowa.edu now allows <a> tags.


  • Fixed an issue where multiple list block displays (articles, people) were sharing the same pager configuration (show pager, number of items).
  • Fixed an issue with region pre-footer blocks where if the assigned region item is deleted from the website.
  • Fixed a few directory profiles style issues: adjusted page title spacing so that it is no longer overlapping with the filters, removed the blue focus border outline from the entire profiles listing page, and fixed the appearance of breadcrumbs on each individual profile page that was rendering with incorrect spacing in Safari.
  • Fixed the layout builder contextual links that didn’t work after moving block to a new section/layout.

Notable Launches