Wednesday, December 8, 2021

In November we had some big site launches, with the College of Education and the College of Dentistry and Dental Clinics sites both going live. Additionally, a large configuration update has made site customization management easier.

New Features/Fixes

  • Remote video (Youtube, Vimeo or University of Iowa Kaltura/MediaSpace video) is now available for the card content block.
  • Back to top button is available to be enabled on sites. This new feature is "off" by default. Webmasters can add this functionality by enabling it in the UIDS_Base theme settings. If enabled, the button displays on all webpages of that site. Documentation here
  • Fixed menu redirect to direct users to current menu instead of general menu list
  • Fixed webform description text not adapting to section background color
  • Custom text for "Display more link" available for articles and people blocks.
  • Customizable pre-footer regions that can be configured in a region settings page. Learn more at the documentation page
  • Built-in webform flex layout will align form elements
  • Fixed remote video alignment regression
  • Updated headline underline style to no longer look like link underline style
  • Fixed webform add element button contrast regression
  • Enabled webforms in prefooter
  • Introduced Blockquote block
  • Fixed duplicate views result happening from multiple arguments on people & article list blocks
  • Events list teaser text now allows <a> tags. This means links are clickable from within the teaser, rather than needing to click through to the individual event page first.
  • Fixed Directory profiles style bugs
  • Revision differences now include layout builder changes
  • Find Text is now found in the top-level admin toolbar and now includes menu items in its search results. Updated documentation here

Notable Launches