Thursday, November 11, 2021

In October we introduced Replicate, a feature that allows a user to create a copy of an existing page or article. This was a highly requested feature we are excited to deliver. We also added more options to the Articles block, allowing for greater flexibility and customization. Additionally, the footer on all Sitenow v2 and v3 sites now has the 175th year anniversary logo. 

New Features/Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the Area of Study feature where links were being trimmed, resulting in 404s.
  • Updated footer to use the special 175th year logo 
  • Fix for narrow container with sidebar layout styles being overridden
  • Added ability to upload JSON files
  • Fix for Superfish 3rd level menus showing offscreen
  • Fix for Superfish drop-down caret arrow overlapping link text 
  • Fix for links in text areas overflowing 
  • Introduced Replicate ability for webmasters and publishers. Replicate allows users to duplicate pages and articles This ensures a consistent look across the site without needing to build the layout and styling from scratch every time.
  • Updated Article block for greater flexibility. This included expanding the filter and style options available. Learn more at the updated documentation page
  • Fix for media embeds overflowing layout in Safari
  • Fix for redirects with a trailing slash in source path not working
  • Fix for file URL cache not clearing after replacing
  • Adjusted replicate node confirmation text to be clearer 
  • Fix for aggregator block calling non-existent files
  • Fix for headline field appearing in footer contact info block
  • Fix for events cards losing padding when 'hide images' selected
  • Fix for 'Vertically align to top' not working on stat blocks in four column layouts
  • Fix for unpredictable blockquote behavior

Notable Launches