Friday, October 1, 2021

Over the past two months we have been busy with new features, bug fixes, several v3 site launches, and new UI Signage responsibilities. Three new blocks have been added to Layout Builder: Timeline, Graph, and Areas of Study. The Timeline block is available on all v3 sites, while the Graph and Areas of Study blocks can be turned on by request. Also available by request is the new Topic Collection content type, which was a joint development effort with Student Life. In a continual effort to keep our platform secure and up-to-date, Sitenow v2/v3 websites have been upgraded to use PHP 7.4 and Drupal 9.2.

New Features

  • Webmasters can now toggle the display of expand/collapse all buttons for individual webforms. Previously, this config was set to always show with no option to disable but that is now off by default. If webmasters would like to add those buttons back, that setting can be found under Settings -> Form on individual webforms configuration pages. 
  • Webmaster access to the Site Verification tab in SEO Settings. Learn more at the documentation page
  • Timeline block now available on v3. This block displays sections of information in a top-down timeline, similar to stacked cards. Learn more on the new documentation page.
  • Updates to the Directory Profiles Integration module
  • Adjusted styling and positioning of content for People listings
  • Updated all applications to PHP 7.4 
  • Tag filter option added to content overview pages
  • Introduced Topic Collection content type, which is used to present tags and tagged content on one page. It is available upon request. 
  • Introduced Areas of Study view block, available upon request. This view block allows users to search and filter Areas of Study content by categories such as name and delivery mode. It includes a synonym field, so users unaware of the 'official' area of study name can still find it.
  • Added tagging and tag filtering to media items
  • Changed default image position to left-aligned for SiteNow People lists
  • Added internal linking to webforms
  • More meta information and context is provided for internally linked content
  • Updated Layout Builder style names to reduce confusion
  • Reorganized Configuration menu
  • Added ability to build layouts with grid layout instead of flex layout
  • Introduced Graph Block, available upon request. This block displays CSV data as a line graph.
  • Updated all SiteNow v2/v3 websites to Drupal 9.2
  • Introduced SiteNow Find Text module. This feature allows webmasters to search almost all text content on the site. Currently menu links and reusable blocks, such as the footer, are not searched. The module includes the option to run a regular expression (REGEXP) search.

Notable Fixes

  • Fix for file migrations missing metadata
  • Fix for broken icon displaying in mobile menu
  • Fix for mobile menu clickable horizontal bar not filling entire space
  • Fix for site name and logo not being clickable on larger monitors
  • Fix for People block permissions regression
  • Fix for underscores replacing periods in URL query strings
  • Fix for invalid entity_usage markup causing fatal error in text area blocks
  • Fix for default spacing of views displays
  • Fix for local tasks underline rendering on pages without edit tabs
  • Fix to stabilize oEmbed for remote video functionality
  • Fix for Update Block button in Layout Builder tray disappearing on Windows
  • Fix for Timeline block dates overlapping with icons
  • Fix for pager background colors making page numbers difficult to read
  • Fix for crowded links in footer

Notable launches