Wednesday, August 4, 2021

We added a number of new features to the platform in July.  In particular, as mentioned in the June update, we added a generic person profile image by default if no photo is provided. In SiteNow v3, you can opt-out of displaying person images on a per-block basis. 

New Features/Fixes

  • Default placeholder image added for person content type and lists
  • Directory profiles integration
  • Content-based permissions
  • Research areas filter option added to People block
  • Dispatch subscription list sign-up form
  • Filtered HTML limited iframe embeds
  • Panopto support for V2 sites
  • Webmaster access to remote post url to webform to send data into a CRM
  • Fix for hamburger menu appearing on mobile devices when there were no menu items
  • Fix for menu touch behavior not working correctly on iPads
  • Fix for layout builder columns not equally aligning with columns above or below
  • Fix for banner button hover color fix is gold background is used
  • Fix for mobile menu appearing if there are no active main menu items
  • Fix for background color color contrast issue on the "Add component" button when used with the black particle background

Notable launches