Wednesday, July 7, 2021

The big news for us this past month was the re-launch of the SiteNow website in v3. We thought it was important to represent the latest of our platform and we look forward to investing in the website more to provide v3 examples alongside our documentation.

Upcoming Change

  • To adhere with University of Iowa branding guidelines, we will start displaying a generic person profile image by default if no photo is provided. In SiteNow v3, you can opt-out of displaying person images on a per-block basis.

New Features/Fixes

  • Added smooth scroll behavior for anchors.
  • Fixed an issue with the person content type where multiple title/positions were not separated.
  • Fixed an issue that caused empty space with the left sidebar in v3.
  • Fixed configuration link in Layout Builder for empty text blocks.
  • Enhanced content action links with icons and additional styling.
  • Introduced banner title sizing options.
  • The v3 people list block can now filter on person types.
  • Miscellaneous card and banner fixes.
  • Miscellaneous list and heading style and bug fixes.
  • Panopto (UI Capture) video embed support for v3.
  • Fixed collection block form regressions.
  • Adjusted permissions across roles for deleting content.
  • Bulk moderation functionality.
  • Adjusted styling for list blocks' more link.

Notable launches