Friday, April 2, 2021

Were you wondering why the Webform HTML element wasn't supporting any HTML elements or why your Tweets weren't showing images? Well, we have news for you. We introduced new "features" and fixed a bunch of issues this past month, some of which solved these very issues.

New Features

  • We updated the person teasers to display smaller circle images instead of the larger squares.
  • Accordion collections in v3 now have the option to stay open, collapse when another is clicked as well as be expanded on page load.
  • The Webform "HTML" markup element now supports our filtered html WYSIWYG.
  • Added new section background options and clarified the options for v3 layout builder.
  • We now support the Twitter card meta tags that are used to fill in a tweet with title, summary and image information. This has been set with the existing defaults for our three default content types page, article and person.
  • More responsive table enhancements including new classes that can be added to the <table class=""> element. See our WYSIWYG documentation for more information.
  • SiteNow People listing display now supports filtering. Read more here.
  • Fonts now scale based on the device size.
  • APR imported people now have more reasonable font sizes.

Notable Fixes

  • We had some downtime and authentication errors this month due to issues with our hosting provider. We are still waiting for their public brief.
  • Fixed an issue with Open Graph image meta tag which was not always provided for v3 layout builder pages with a featured image that was not included in the page render.
  • Fixed an issue with v3 Articles and People block pagers where the next page and on didn't display results.
  • Fixed some styling issues with cards in v3.
  • Fixed an issue where v3 block style selections were lost on the next update to the block.
  • Tables in the WYSIWYG now have a visible outline, so you know where each cell is.
  • Fixed an issue with our menus allowing unlimited depth for the horizontal and mega menu displays. Menu depth of the horizontal menu option is set to 3 and the mega menu option is set to 2.
  • Fixed a known issue with broken webform file links in submission emails.

Notable launches