Tuesday, December 1, 2020

November brought a bunch of small enhancements and fixes as our priorities shifted towards the Admissions website redesign, the Presidential Search site and the Graduate College website work.

New Features

  • Person contact information - Add one or more pieces of contact information, such as Office address or Lab phone.
  • Person types - You can now specify a type of person when create person content (e.g. Faculty, Staff, Student).
  • Card block (V3) - Template updates, background color options
  • Webform background color options
  • Banner block (V3) - Additional background color options

Coming Soon

  • We will soon be deploying a change where websites with a site name longer than 43 characters will have their headers automatically change to the “Display below Iowa bar” option in the theme settings. This is to prevent overflow and broken styles at certain viewports.

Notable Fixes

  • Removed additional (unneeded) padding on sides for non-mobile breakpoint for the narrow container.
  • Updated to be compatible with Google Analytics 4.
  • Auto-generated URL aliases will now respect a parent menu item's custom URL alias when creating the generated URL.
  • Fixed block arrows not displaying with the brain pattern black section background color.
  • Fixes for Webform/Text Area block padding and background colors.
  • Fixed table width measurement logic.
  • Fix for certain buttons losing white background with a container background color.
  • Fixed headline display for image gallery, slider blocks.
  • Fixed Tours button contrast issue.
  • Fixed banner with image backgrounds not covering the full height.
  • Fixed SiteNow People order by weight functionality.
  • Deprecated/Removed University of Iowa Branding Bar configuration in favor of UIowa Search configuration.
  • Deprecated Hero blocks. They can no longer be created in SiteNow v3 Layout Builder. Use the Banner block type instead.