Thursday, October 29, 2020

New features and several bug fixes have recently been deployed to SiteNow websites during our last two development sprints.

Just a reminder, we have reached SiteNow v3 General Availability, so you can request a website today.

New Features

New Person Fields

We are continually working on expanding the functionality of the person content due to the need for people directories on websites. We have introduced three new fields to v2 and v3 websites. Websites, Education and Research Areas.

Banner Block Refactored

For v3 websites, a lot of work was done to expand the options within the Banner block to be more flexible in different contexts and provide more design variations to support your website's message. Check out the banner block documentation for more information.

Block Headline

For v3 websites, we added a combination headline field to several blocks that provides greater control over how a headline is displayed above the block's content as well as making sure child headers within the block content maintain proper header nesting for screen reader accessibility. 

RSS Feed Aggregator

For v3 websites, you can now import and display RSS feeds to your website by using an RSS Feed block. Check out the RSS Feeds and Aggregator documentation.

Documentation and Tour Updates

We are continually working on adding to and updating our documentation and website tours. If you haven't already, check them out. For tours, look for a question mark button in your website toolbar.

Notable Fixes

  • Tables should now work in accordions
  • SiteNow People Manual Sort Fixes (drag and weight)
  • Fixed fade-in regression with our lazy image loading functionality
  • Fixed a tours conflict that inflated the total number of tips
  • Consistent page title separators
  • Support Facebook Graph API requirements for oEmbed objects
  • Default to "filtered_html" format for most content WYSIWYG areas and restrict to "minimal" for others
  • Accordion headline field fix
  • Streamline layout block style fields by making them show all the time and adding a "Display options" headline
  • Allow saving when "source" view in a text area WYSIWYG is toggled on
  • Layout builder block display options regression fixes
  • Fixes to default content that is provided with a newly provisioned site
  • Statistic Block form changes with prefix/suffix limits