Standard Site Request Form

Please use the form below to request a SiteNow Standard website.

Requestor Information
ITS will contact the requestor if there are any questions regarding this request.
This is not a number.
Site Administrators
Two administrators are required for every SiteNow Standard website. They are responsible for communicating with ITS and they will receive email notifications from ITS regarding SiteNow updates, downtime, etc.
Site Administrator 1
This is not a number.
Site Administrator 2
This is not a number.
Site Information
Please provide a human-friendly name which will be the title of your website. You will be able to change this at any time after your website is created.
Enter the URL of the existing site, if one is available
Enter the alias to be used in the URL of your website. The requested alias will be reviewed for compliance with the University of Iowa domain name policy. For departmental sites, the URL will be For all other site types, the URL will be For example, an organization with the site alias boating would have the URL
An existing email address to be used as the From address for any web forms your site may have.The site email address is usually either a general email address (e.g.,, etc.) or the email address of one of the site administrators.
Please explain the purpose of this website.